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Salary policy, made simple.

Gain in competitiveness,
control your wages

Manage your compensation policy in real time to ensure internal fairness, market competitiveness, and cost control.

Join 200+ more competitive companies

Discover Compwise

A simple & integrated platform for managing compensation policy.

Syncronize your data in real time from your HR & Payroll tools



Internal & market analysis

Salary review campaigns


Internal communication

Centralize, automate, and streamline all employee compensation processes and data on one secure platform. Facilitate objective and collaborative decision-making while saving time, promoting efficiency, and ensuring security.

Why Compwise

Transform your approach to compensation

to become more competitive.

Business routine

Attract and retain top talent

Develop a competitive advantage by offering competitive and fair compensation

Access real-time market data, identify internal gaps, and follow the evolution of your key employees to retain them.

Strategically align your business

Build a compensation strategy aligned with your company's challenges

Define compensation and revaluation criteria based on individual and collective skills and performance, in order to motivate your employees to actively contribute to your success.

Successful Work Team
Working with Financial Documents

Optimize your payroll

Control your budget in real time, from projection to monitoring

Streamline your budget decision-making processes and manage your payroll in real time, optimizing the allocation of your resources (recruitment, revaluations) in an objective and collaborative manner.


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